About Printack

Printack Sarl was established in 1987.

This date marks a formidable evolution in micro-computing technology, both in terms of hardware – processors and printers - and in terms of software.

Printack’s mission, therefore, is to take advantage of this revolution to offer any business the opportunity of designing and printing its own labels.

Printack was the first company in France to offer laser printable labels that are weather-resistant.

1992 - Printack developed user-friendly label printing software enabling any micro-computer user to design and print their own labels. This software package is regularly updated to maintain compatibility with all the latest hardware.

1998 - Printack simultaneously registered a French patent (Nr. 9813254) and EU patent (Nr. 996106) for laser printable ‘stick-in’ labels for identifying plants, etc.

Since its inception, Printack continually anticipates the requirements of you, our customers, by constantly developing new label materials and new labelling systems – we continue to evolve. It is this ambition to continually create and produce new label products for an ever-wider range of applications, printable by each of us on our own computer systems, that remains Printack’s prime focus. Beyond merely manufacturing high-quality labels, Printack offers a universal communications concept suitable for all businesses and users.

2021 - Printack files a French patent "FR2105582" and then in 2022 a European patent N° 22165080.7 concerning the development of a unique display device allowing to present A4 or A5 posters in portrait or landscape format. This device also ensures an excellent holding and presentation of the poster.

The company, since its origin, has been listening to its customers' requests, studying new materials and new designs; it never stops evolving. The company also responds to the request of any new investigation.



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