Customized services

You have the idea of a communication support for your products in the form :


of briefcases

object holder

poster card

but you don't see how to concretely implement it?

Printack proposes to integrate the complete chain of constraints related to your project, from its development to its implementation in your environment.

The steps:

In detail:

1. Consideration of your project
Definition of specifications

2. Study of a “design”
Study of a folding
Study of cuts
Submission by acceptance of a support plan to be carried out

3. Study of the material according to the physical, mechanical and chemical constraints of the environment:
Paper - Cardboard - Synthetic films - Combination of several materials
In the case of self-adhesive products:
Choosing the adhesive best suited to your use
- Permanent adhesive
- Adhesive with strong initial tack
Choice of Protector
Depending on the type of face material used to achieve good sheet flatness.
Chosen to allow trouble-free passage through printers

4. Proposal of the software adapted to your application according to the following criteria:
Your aspirations:
Order of printing our data on a board
Staggered print
Double-sided printing
Typical banner printing
Execution plans
Technical notices
Specific barcodes
Your available databases (file type)
Your IT organization:
- Local
- Network
- Printer Shares
- Remote printing
The type of operator called upon to use the software:
- Creative
- Highly specialized workstation
Your situation in the commercial approach
- Customer
- Reseller: bringing the software to your colors - advertising support
Printack conducts the studies and development of the software in its entirety so that it meets your requirements in all respects

5. Packaging
Commercial discretion - Printack offers resellers a marking of packaging in your colors according to your definitions

6. Proposal for a pre-series
Printack proposes to launch a pre-series of labels to allow testing in real situations.


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